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KMR Hardshell Tent

Reach New Heights in Style

Custom Build Rooftop Tents

Personalized Rooftop Tents for Unforgettable Journeys

All nets can be removed and replaced with see through windows. Also very easy to order and replace if needed a new one due to damages.

Our canvas have a water resistance of 2500 mm and weight of 35kg to 85 kg pending the size and kind of tent. We mount an Eltalbond aluminium sheet on an aluminium frame.

We are not a factory production line, we custom-made individual tents for individual people. We based and Greece, meaning service is just around the corner. 

high quality rooftop tents

KMR Fold Out Rooftent

Personalize Your Roof-Top Escape

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This Is Our Story

It all begun in the 2013 when three friends got together inspired by the idea to create a durable, long lasting, serviceable hardworking rooftop tent, but never did they expect to see where this journey took them... 

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